Branch less banking

A path breaking product which gives freedom to manage expensive brick and mortar customer service centers (CSCs) or branch offices to serve society members. Bancplus renders its expertise to overcome this costly and traditional way to run co-operative organization operation.So, therefore, get rid of traditional overhead expenses like rents, salaries, security, etc for operating branches or customer service centers.

This product has pushed all the branch operations on mobile platform. From new member creation to deposit or withdrawal, from account closures to account renewals are now a doorstep activity at the member’s place. Any request for approval submitted by advisor/field executive team could be immediately responded at head office portal. Field team can now play an extended role to act as a facilitator to serve members better.

Moreover, this product works offline too. So, there’s no need to have stay connected with the data center while in the field. Secondly, admin has the full control over its field team to monitor them on his/her dashboard in the Bancplus portal.

Cost effective operations

Bancplus branch-less banking cuts organization’s operational by at least 60%. No brick and mortar customer service centers (CSCs) or branch offices would reduce societies cost drastically. Field team, now capable to give quick doorsteps services to members consequently, adding a delightful customer experience.

Full Visibility & Control

Since, all things are moving on Banplus mobile platform, visibility or whereabouts of operation team is obvious requirement. Bancplus gives full visibility to track specific advisor through GPS.

Offline ease

No compulsions to stay connected to the data center every time on field. Bancplus sync all required data once you get starts in morning.