Embedded Systems

NIPL has pioneered in only understanding of communication protocols but also has implemented mobile and web ERPapplications. These applications not only read data from the embedded system but also controls them through its communication protocols.

Have a look at the solution case studies we have implemented:


This solution is used to read DLMS-based protocol electric meters through mobile application. Mobile device is connected to the meter through an optical communication cable. The mobile device is controlled by web portal for authentication, permissions and to monitor meter reader performance.

The impact of this mobile application was path breaking as the application manages to reduce meter reading time(MRT) to 60% approximately. It has the capability to read any ICS DLMS meter which is an Indian standard for electric meters derived from International standards IEC-62056.

Presently, we are also working to have a mobile/web solution which not only interprets meter data but provides the flawless data analysis to help utilities, meter manufacturers, distribution companies etc to have better visibility over the meter performance, correct billing data. As per further implementation, it is going to be a universal meter reading application which also supports IEC 62056, IEC61850 etc.

Vending Machines

This solution was deployed on idea to communicate the water vending machines based their customized communication protocols. Apart from the data communicating part, the integrated web portal takes the responsibility of controlling the vending machines. This was powered by the application’s alert mechanism which is based on pre-defined optimum data parameters. The solution also includes an android based mobile application which is used to activate machine at manufacturer’s unit into the system. It also use for creating RFID cards to write authentication information so that the cards could be swiped only on relevant vending machines.