Finbuzz is powerful web application which caters to the challenges of non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) who are deals micro finance portfolio. Generally, they are also called Micro finance institutions (MFIs). Today, in the competitive market MFIs are striving to achieve field operational smoothness and controlling.

Finbuzz is a product designed to overcome the challenges of faced at every level of hierarchy in organizational structure. It gives complete freedom to field team to operate hassle free. They are controlled and updated by middle-level. Top management has their full visibility of funding lines apart from field-level operations. Finbuzz mobile platform is designed to have controls over the challenges faced by the collection team on daily basis.

Flexible process driven approach

Finbuzz has implemented MFIs whole micro finance processes from groups to group recognition test (GRT), from members to disbursement. Each group moves further in process hierarchy validating previous process.

Better visibility of funding line

Finbuzz gives that visibility to analyze the funding line at any point. User can have funding line wise revenues and net income part out of it. Flexibility to manage any funding source makes Finbuzz more powerful.

Achieve field operation excellence

Finbuzz deals with every single challenge in field operation ensuring a hassle-free, optimum performance of team.