Credit co-operative societies/Nidhi companies/ Mutual benefit trusts

Today, still a large part of rural and deep remote area in India is still disadvantaged of mainstream banking. Therefore, Multi-state, district credit co-operatives societies and nidhi companies, mutual benefit trusts have also joined the co-operative movement. These credit co-operative societies not only have the power and potential to make a mass member base in these unbanked or less banked areas but these organization are also empowering rural and tribal population by giving them a taste of banking. Indeed, they need a great deal of cost effective and technological expertise to serve their members.

Bancplus’s journey doesn’t limits with co-operative banking itself. Basically, Bancplus has the scalability and flexibility which makes it easy to implement it in any financial organization doing banking related operations.

Bancplus for credit co-operative societies(CCS) has been implemented many unique features keeping their specific requirements in min. This make sure of operationease with no compromise on performance, security and of course, user experience!

Flexible Product Designer

Multi-state credit co-operative societies often find challenges to keep area specific products for their members so that their member can be benefitted. This is because as credit societies primarily have region specific member base. Bancplus offers flexible product design module which enables co-operative societies design their financial products which specifically fulfills their member’s requirement or empowers societies to acquire more members. The module works with in-depth calculations and input servicesto come up with diversified products. This module springs admin full control over the application.

Bulk Entry Scroll

Through this service, customer can make numerous entries at a time. This service makes work easier of the user. This service is mainly useful for Micro Finance Institutes and also for many organizations. This is also beneficial for the organizations which have to pay salaries to number of employees that generates salaries and wages for number of employees on a particular day.

Single Entry Effect

Bancplus is follows simple accounting concepts. So, it makes sense for user to understand the work process of the whole application. The transactiononce done shall effects directly to all the modules once it is passed successfully through the authentication system. This will reduce human error and also data redundancy.