The core banking solution from Bancplus is an integrated solution that automates all aspects of core banking operations across entities, languages and currencies. A part of the universal banking suite, Bancplusempowers financial institutions to introduce new products with ease and efficiently manage changes in existing ones. Thus, banks can have a wide variety of products that would help them to acquire mass customer base. Bancplus promises a secure networking of branches, which offers the leverage to customers to operate their accounts or avail other banking services from wherever within CBS network, regardless of its base branch where he maintains his account. The customer is no more the customer of a branch. He becomes the bank‘s customer. Thus CBS is a step towards enhancing customer experience through anywhere anytime banking.

Bancplus also provides complete peace of mind, ease of handling data and flexible enough to accommodate organization‘s exclusive needs. Bancplus with scalable design and plug-n-play module architecture contributes towards the sustainable growth in today’s highly competitive environment.

Banplus offers an easy to understand and a user-friendly user experience, which is proven by our number of satisfied customers all over India. It enables user to work freely and quickly on software, without any worries of data loss as application handles it on its own. Tightened with unmatched security features like customized roles and permissions, centralized console for work process like interest/charges generation etc. to name a few, it stands tall among others competitors. Bancplus’s unmatched security features alsodistinguishesit from other high cost solutions available. Check-sum, server mapping with branch systems, customized user roles and rights designer, two-level transaction authorization system, runs securely on internet are some features to name a few. Quality and customer satisfaction are the core of our value proposition to the clients.