NIPL is one of the emerging software solutions house. Its Headquarter is in Udaipur (India). It commenced its operations in the year 2010 with a vision to empower mid and small size organisation with low cost quality software products and solutions. Since then NIPL has providing quality solutions and services to many veritcals in India. NIPL started with a handful of customers. Today, NIPL is delivering quality services to more 150+ clients. NIPL has rapidly adopted technological changes to assure global quality standards in delivering its products and services.

NIPL from humble beginnings has evolved into a nation-wise presence company, recognized for its innovation, practical solutions and pro-active service that deliver absolute value to its clients.It began its pursuance to deliver an easy, low-cost, highly effective solution to the banking sector in India. NIPL now offers state-of-the-art, comprehensive solutions for Data center, finance, embedded systems apart from banking. This small journey now comprises of satisfied clients and many successful solutions implementation. NIPL has not restricted its focus only on the banking sector; in fact NIPL is also spilling its rays of quality solutions and expertise to other industrial verticals such as embedded system integration as well.

NIPL develops and implements complex web applications. That’s because we deliver both high performance custom web applications and turnkey solutions for maximum business efficiency.

We help our clients to choose the right mix of software and hardware infrastructure to fulfill not only their current requirement but also has scalability and performance.

Technical expertise

Industry expertise

  • Co-operative bank
  • Credit societies
  • Nidhi companies
  • Micro finance institutions
  • Meter manufacturers
  • Utilities
  • Power distribution companies
  • Vending machine manufacturers
  • NBFC