Co-Operative Banks

Co-operative banking today has evolved a lot and now is more competitive with mainstream banks. Today, core banking market looks matureglobally, with a significant percentage of banks having replaced their legacy systems with more efficient and flexible core banking systems.Bancplus has robust core banking and reporting capabilities which provide critical information of business for co-operative banks to enhance their internal decision-making right from individual accounts down to specific branch performance,product details and loans and advances management ensuring transparency across all transactions.

Bancplus is designed to create customizedbusiness models that empowersco-operative banks to provide a 'basket product offering' to their customers. Today, everyone in the banking fraternity must agree that core banking is the central processing unit of a bank.

Geographically, co-operative banks, caters largely small town or rural areas customer base which, in India of course, is a challenge.But, with the help of a CBS system, the co-operative banks has the opportunity to leverage multiple channels in order to facilitate transactions.

Customer Centric Approach

Bancplus provides customer centric interface which is very beneficial for customers. It enables banks to know their customers and their financial requirements to be able to serve them better.

  1. Based RBI's "Know your Customer" policy.
  2. It reduces the data redundancy.
  3. C-KYC compliance ready.
  4. Manage customers and their accounts on a single click.

Flexible Product Designer

Bancplus offers flexible product design module which enables co-operative banks design their financial products which specifically fulfills their customer requirement or empowers banks to acquire more customers.The module works with in-depth calculations and input servicesto come up with diversified products. This module springs admin full control over the application.


Bancplus created its own secure environment to keeps all data protected against unauthorized access.As far as data integrity is concern Bancplushas highly accountable system.

  • System Security:
    System security is the most important in a secure network. Through this application ensures that the data accessed from server or data center in a secure environment. Moreover, application maintains logs of all the user activities done through the day.Bancplus also has a two-level system activation process to access the application software.  
  • User Level Security:
    Bancplus provides a high level of security, as many users and information of each user has to be protected. User-level permissions are stored in a central server and managed by the network administrator. Bancplus comes with a configurable user security modules which manages roles and their permissions. All this security stuff could be implemented by admin itself according to the organization’s prerequisites. There’s no need for customization in the application.
  • Transaction level security:
    Bancplus is committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of transactions by providing a safe and secure transaction environment. It works with two-level authentication process, checksum, makers-checkers concepts.